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Tamar Griggs

Photographic Art

For twenty years I lived on the edge of a mudflat cove on an isolated part of Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. Here I passionately observed and photographed a constantly unfolding, miraculous display of wildlife at my doorstep. In 2016 I moved to a new spot at the water's edge across the channel, where I continue to delight in engaging with the natural world through my camera. 

Patience, luck, observation, and passion are the driving forces behind my images. I hope you delight in the gifts of Nature presented through my work, and that you open your eyes to what is around you wherever you live. 

I have a profound fascination with the Moon. She calls me, and I answer. The moon brings peace, awe and majestic beauty as she sails around earth, pulling on the ocean tides.  Every moment you watch the moon, she presents a different face.

I hope these images and products inspire you and remind you to look at nature and the moon orbiting our planet wherever you are.

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