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Liam Johnson

Gulf Island Cribbage

Beach Combing has always been a passion for me. The rugged beaches of Western Canada are exceptionally beautiful and full of treasures. The Driftwood here is beautiful and unique and one never knows what pieces they will find. Making cribbage boards began when I was working at a very dull job. I woke up one morning, and decided not to go back. I quit that day. Instead, I decided to use the rest of my savings to focus on what makes me happy. I stayed home, exercised a lot, and started making cribbage boards from my collection of driftwood. It was very experimental in those days, and took a few years to really get precision honed in, and the style. It gave me great pleasure and Joy, and Freedom to exercise my creativeness. I spent everything I had at the time! But It was a real turning point in my life, for my spirit and Soul, and soon after I met my life time partner Jessica in my 4th year Tree Planting. That was in 2014. Now Look where we are! The best things about making driftwood cribbage boards is that it doesn't feel like a job. I hunt for the pieces instead of buying the wood, so it's a complete renewable resource, a true Gift from the Ocean Spirits. I feel as though I resurrect the driftwood, I breath life back into each piece, I give it a new Purpose. And I give them each a name. They are all unique with their own personalities and deserve a title. A bit of my essence is in each board. And of course the pegs are part of the whole. You can't have a unique handmade cribbage board without unique handmade pegs. Then I was thinking, hmm then what could the pegs be kept in? Since I didn't like the idea of cutting into the wood, I felt a little pouch would be appropriate. And what better materials than repurposed leather. It's natural, durable, and looks great even after years of abuse. The pegs generally are from repurposed lumber that's kicking around, mainly cedars, alder, mahogany, teak, arbutus, and from local plants like purple lilac and grape vine. And my favourite material for pegs are the moose antler. In my 6 years as a Tree Planter, we travelled all around British Columbia and Alberta, and I found many large Moose antler. What a treasure when you come across a 20 pound Antler! And some having as many as 12 tips. It brings me so much Joy to find things on the forest floor, or at the beach, or at a lake, and repurpose those items into a Cribbage Board! There's something about making Cribbage boards from the gifts of the Earth and Ocean that Truly resonates with my entire Being. Thanks for taking the time to reading this little blurb about me. Much Love to you and your family.

Instagram: @gulfislandcribbage

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