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Kecia Levie

Tula Moon Macrame

Hi! I’m Kecia and I’m the creator of Tula Moon Macrame! 

I’m a Saltspring girl born and bred, and have just recently moved back to the island to raise my family.

From a young age I’ve loved crafting (cue the 90s, Mr. Dress Up and a serious tape addiction). And probably because of this I’ve attempted many different crafty passions throughout my life. You name it I’ve probably tried to make it. I started tying knots as a creative outlet, after I had my daughter. It gave me something to do while she was feeding and sleeping, sleeping and feeding. What I didn’t know was how much fun it could be and how creative the process could be. I’m loving making one of a kind pieces whether it’s plant hangers, wall hangings, dream catchers... or even teethers. My aesthetic is natural, organic and earthy with a touch of spice (I’m in love with anything leopard print and my eye is always drawn to metallics). I’m a big fan of combining natural textures, with small amounts of prints and colours that pop. I aspire to bring that same vision to my macrame. I hope you enjoy as much as I do. Thank you for reading! Xo Kecia

Facebook: @tulamoonmacrame

Instagram: @tulamoonmacrame


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