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Hello and thank you for your interest in joining the Salt Spring Online Maker's Market!

We are so excited to have launched this platform during this strange and difficult time. We know that not
everyone has a store-front and not everyone has, or wants to build a whole website (its hard
work!). This website was born out of necessity during Christmas 2020, fairly quickly, and very last
minute. Thanks to the great success and high-demand, we are able to continue growing and
evolving this platform for the whole year. I am so grateful for our existing vendor’s support and
patience as we navigate this new idea together, and always excited to get all kinds of makers on
board to grow together even more!

This space is ideal for all kinds of makers. You can be as involved as you like. Whether you just have some

stock laying around at home which never makes it to market or shops, or if you want to jump in with both 

feet and get your name out there actively, I am here for it! I try to keep membership as affordable as possible

to make it accessible to everyone during these sometimes financially straining times. Therefore, its a win-win. 

"Set it and forget it" or go full 100%, for the cost of a couple cups of coffee, your work has a safe and

supportive home at the Salt Spring Online Maker's Market.

Here's how it works...

Signing Up
Sign up is easy! You will find a link to the sign-up form on this page. You will need the follwing:

  • A photo of yourself

  • A short bio

  • Photos of your products

  • A price list with any descriptions/information you would like included

Product photos and information can be sent back to Please label your photos 

so I can accurately attach the corresponding information.

I create your very own collection and upload everything to the site immediately and you’re good
to go!

Upon sales, I will contact you directly and let you know the details of the order. I make weekly pick-ups and 

usually have a contactless drop-box as well. I will then assemble the rest of the order, package it with branded 

materials and include a thank you card for the buyer, communicate with the 

buyer, and arrange the pick-up/shipping.

All payment is made just like an online store through the website. I send a detailed sales report
to each vendor and transfer money out monthly, or bi-weekly, depending on your preference.

Introductory pricing:
Monthly hosting/maintenance fee: $10/month OR $96/annual ($8/month)
15% commission on sales

Under 18 require a parent or guardian's permission.

Student pricing available.

As we progress, rates may change to better accommodate the longevity of this platform. If you
have paid for the year in advance, your rates will not be adjusted. Any changes will be
communicated well in advance.

What you can expect
-Artist profile, and website presence
-Social media presence
-Advertising across several platforms
-Salt Spring Exchange advertising
-Shipping is taken care of
-Customer service
-Website maintenance
-Content creation for social media presence
-A growing network of makers to spread the word
-A fun, kind, and thriving support network
-Constant support from myself, directly
-Clear and open communication

-My full support, and the support of my team, at all times, in any way we are able

A few things we have to say so no one gets mad
By signing up with Salt Spring Online Maker’s Market, you agree to the terms mentioned
in this document. Cancellation of membership is allowed at any time, however the pay
period will continue until the end at which point, the member will be removed from the
site and no further payments will be due.
We do not guarantee any minimum sales. Advertising is created and run at the creators
discretion. Any content sent by the maker (you) is uploaded as is and may be used in
advertisements or features at creator’s discretion.
No private information will be shared with any third party websites. All members are
asked to be professional and polite with creators and other vendors. Any aggressive
behaviour or bullying will result in immediate removal from the website.
We strive to create a thriving, inclusive, and positive place for all of our talented makers. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to me, I am happy to answer them.

Thank you so much for your interest. We can’t wait to have you on board!

Creator, Salt Spring Virtual Christmas
Salt Spring Online Maker’s Market


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