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Hannah Spray

Dough N' Play

Together with her 8-year-old entrepreneur daughter, Hannah handcrafts non-toxic modeling doughs made with natural ingredients through her business, Dough n’ Play. 


As a mom and professional Early Childhood Educator, modeling dough has long been a staple play item at home and work, providing hours of play-based learning for the children in Hannah’s care. She believes providing safe and quality, natural materials that inspire many hours of open-ended play is important, along with the natural learning that transpires. Dough n' Play offers a chance to expand your play at home by exploring the multitude of ways to use these handmade doughs and the wooden accessories at your own pace. 


Dough n’ Play supports healthy fun and a healthy planet. They use non-toxic, natural ingredients, and locally source as much as possible. The glitters used are biodegradable, the dyes are natural bakery-grade, and the scented products are made with essential oils to enjoy play, naturally.

Instagram: @doughnplay

Photo by Billie Woods Photography

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