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Carol & Jim Helset

Funk n' Beauty

We’re the Helsets, Jim & Carol - a couple of seniors living on beautiful Salt Spring Island.  We work at home; in fact Jim has a full-time job as an architectural designer, so he plays a bit of a “supporter” role when it comes to the products of our company - Funk n’ Beauty.
Our first foray into the world of arts and crafts happened while we lived in Calgary, Alberta, in about 1986.  We produced metal spiderwebs, which were goldplated and sold to anyone who needed a corner of their home filled. We did that even after we moved here, but had to sell the company after my wrists gave out.  (All those spiders’ legs to bend!)
I seemed destined to keep my hand in the crafts world over the next few years, though, finally settling on jewellery making in 2013.  I now have a room with a LOT of beads in it. - you can never have too many beads, right?  Lately, though, the beads have taken a bit of a back seat, as I (with a lot of help from Jim) have wandered off into the world of (faux) sheep. Their bodies are wooden and their “wool” is made up of dozens of hand-tied bows. While they are certainly cute to look at (if I do say so myself!) the deep pile formed by the bows makes them especially nice to touch!  We don’t suggest that you buy them as toys, though.  They’re mostly made for your ovine-viewing pleasure.
Almost all of our pieces are one-of-a-kinds, all are handmade and all are, of course, completely lead free. 
If  - in your world - “handmade” equals “good”, our pieces should satisfy!

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